Science of life, Hydrogen (H2)

'Hydrogen (H2)', the first bio solution AIRIVE concentrated on, for healthy beauty

The study of Hydrogen (H2), the clean energy for skin.

We are living under too much pressure in our daily lives.

Pollution, fine dust, stress, frequent makeup, and many responsibilities and duties;

These factors make your skin heavier, rougher, and more tiring. 

Can your skin be lighter again? 

AIRIVE has concentrated on oxygen radicals, a harmful factor accumulated 

in our body that promotes skin aging.

‘Hydrogen(H2)’ is the most effective chemical to remove this harmful substance.

Hydrogen is the most powerful existing antioxidant.

The antioxidant activity of Hydrogen(H2) is 865 times more than Coenzyme Q10,
290 times more than Catechin, and 176 times more than Vitamin C.

Being the smallest substance on Earth, Hydrogen(H2) is absorbed, 

more than 90%, into corium, dermis and even subcutaneous fat. 

Hydrogen(H2) is restored to pure H2O when it encounters oxygen radicals.


Hydrogen(H2) selectively removes harmful active oxygens and leaves skin filled with moisture.

Key Characteristics of Hydrogen(H2)

1.Atomic Number1,Hydrogen(H2)

- 75% of materials composed of the universe are Hydrogen(H2)

- H2O(Water) also consists of Hydrogen(H2) and Oxygen(O2)

- Hydrogen(H2) is more likely to combine with almost every substance in the organic way.

2.The Most Powerful Antioxidant

- 176 times more than Vitamin C

- 290 times more than Catechin

- 865 times more than Coenzyme Q10

3.Remarkable Skin Penetration

Hydrogen(H2) is absorbed more than 90% into corium, dermis, and even subcutaneous fat. 

(300 times more than general cosmetic ingredients)

4.Selective Removal of Harmful Oxygen Radicals
Selectively removes toxic oxygen radicals as
'hydroxyl radical’ and keeps beneficial oxygen radicals
5. Skin Friendly

Hydrogen(H2) is skin friendly; a colorless, tasteless, odorless substance which can be used all types of skin without irritation.

6.Function as DDS

With a finely dividing nature(nanoscale) for particles (clusters) of other ingredients,

Hydrogen(H2) helps other ingredients deeply be absorbed
into the skin as well as Hydrogen(H2) itself.

*DDS : Drug Delivery System

[The above contents are limited to raw material characteristics]

[AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder]

A powder solution that is made from AIRIVE’s unique technology, 

containing material with Hydrogen (H2) generating mechanism and 

functional ingredients that harmonize with Hydrogen (H2).

‘AIRIVE ELEMENT NO.1 H2 POWDER‘ maximizes the Hydrogen(H2) amount of remaining
in the cosmetic by generating fresh Hydrogen(H2) when the product is used.

The solution is ‘Slow Release technology’ to process physically in a special method for the powder generating Hydrogen(H2).

This technology enables Hydrogen(H2) to stay longer in the skin and maximizes its skin penetration.

Also, this product is made of safe cosmetic ingredients authorized by ICID and INCI to ensure skin safety.

If there is not enough amount of Hydrogen(H2) even though it is high-quality Hydrogen(H2)?

If it is not absorbed even though it is high-quality Hydrogen(H2)?

When you are desperately in need of an effective cosmetic product
for skin troubles, dark complexion, dryness, roughness, and elasticity loss,

It is time to meet an honest Hydrogen(H2) cosmetic.



Honest hydrogen (H2) cosmetics
We have been focusing on the technology of combining hydrogen with skin care by paying attention to the excellent permeability of hydrogen (H2) for the past several years.

Unique technology of AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder

1. Amount of Hydrogen (H2) gas: Generates 1600 – 1900 ppb when administered to aqueous solution.

Hydrogen (H2) gas is generated strongly when AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder is added to the aqueous solution.

2. Maintains rate of hydrogen (H2) gas generation: hydrogen (H2) gas is generated even an hour after administration to aqueous solution After administering AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder to the aqueous solution, it appeared that hydrogen gas was continuously generated even after 1 hour.

3. mild acidic pH

Most hydrogen generating compounds show strong basicity in aqueous solutions, which causes troubles such as skin irritation, erythema and etc. However, AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder showed mild acidity (pH 5.5 – 6.0), proving to be most suitable for the skin.

4. Simple formulation/texture and usage

Most powder-type products that generate gas are intended to be made by combining/mixing different types of powders for use. However, AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder is a single powder (product) that can be easily mixed into (any) formulation such as serums, cleansers, and creams.

5. Skin moisture barrier effect

When AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder is applied to the skin, tyrosine peptide nano-film coating the surface of the pearl powder forms a nano-moisture barrier on the surface of skin, allowing effective ingredients penetrate into the skin and preventing contact external on the skin.

[The above contents are limited to raw material characteristics]

Expected effect of AIRIVE Element No.1 H2 Powder


Soothing trouble

Those who are concerned about your various skin troubles, pigmentation, roughness, and pores
can make your skin clear and soft with soothing, improving skin complexion, brightening, skin toning, and smoothing.  


Removing harmful
oxygen radicals

Those who are concerned about your tired skin due to the lack of sleep, stress, caffeine, fine dust, endocrine disruptor can make your skin clear and brighter with removing effects of harmful oxygen radicals and detoxing.


Balancing oil and water
Intense moisturizing

Those who have oily skin which is hard to put on makeup can make your skin better to keep the makeup longer with balancing oil and water and moisturizing. 

[The above contents are limited to raw material characteristics]

[Penetrating depth experiment of hydrogen]

[Antioxidant effect experiment of hydrogen]

[The above contents are limited to raw material characteristics]


ydrogen(H2) powder is developed by AIRIVE with its own unique technology. Functional powder harmonizing with Hydrogen.

AirLive's first solution was born. 

The beginning of healthy beauty, AIRIVE 'Airy Skin Solution'