[IMPORTANT notice] Beware of similar / counterfeit products

GOLD&SNOW WORLDWIDE INC.'s bio derma cosmetic brand 'AIRIVE' contains 'AIRIVE ELEMENT NO.1 H2 POWDER', a hydrogen generating mechanism, patented by our company.

As interest and popularity grew, taking advantage of this, recently there have been products in various markets (domestic and international) with similar concepts and form that have imitated our brand 'AIRIVE'. These products are being sold, using our technical data without authorization. We would like to clearly state and inform you that we have never supplied our patent raw ingredient 'AIRIVE ELEMENT NO.1 H2 POWDER' to any other brand. The safety and effectiveness of similar and/or counterfeit products are not guaranteed. 

In particular, illegally manufactured counterfeit products are being sold mainly in Hong Kong (Macau).
We ask buyers in the region to be extra cautious.